BSM Group Architects provide design and project management services across most construction sectors with particular focus on Community, Commercial and Education projects.

Our work is wide-ranging from minor additions and alterations to major multi-million dollar projects. However, we define significance and success not by budget size or project scale, but rather by the relationships we forge with our clients and the satisfaction we gain from their success.

At BSM we recognise that the key to successful outcomes on any project is collaboration. We are one cog in a well-oiled machine that includes the client, other consultants, local councils and construction firms.

As architects we help navigate the complexities of the building process and make the process simpler and smoother for clients and collaborators alike.

We look to foster great and enduring relationships with all involved in the process and we also enjoy collaborating with other architectural practices to deliver great outcomes for clients.

Our core services include:

  • briefing advice
  • feasibility studies
  • conceptual architectural design
  • documentation and drafting
  • contract administration and observation
  • project management


Spaces where people gather are vital for the unity and wellbeing of any community. Churches, marae and community centres are great opportunities to create architecture with meaning and purpose, fostering togetherness and and looking to the future while remembering our history. At BSM we have a wealth of experience in community spaces, not only in creating them but also belonging to them ourselves.

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Where some may see just a simple, utilitarian space, we see a place where real people work, create and interact. Commercial architecture can often seem an exercise in function over form, but we see it as an opportunity to create forms that encourage collaboration, help people enjoy their work, and serve the needs of staff and customers alike.

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In the education sector we work with state, state-integrated and private clients, in early childhood, primary and secondary education. We consider it a great privilege to serve our educators and future generations with architecture that cultivates all forms of learning and creativity.

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Your home is a significant investment so it makes sense to engage the right professionals to create a space that meets your needs and desires, both now and into the future. From conceptual design through detailed drafting to project management, we can ensure your new home is a success on every level.

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